deeply  rooted motherhood


I'm a follower of Jesus, pastor's wife, mama of two, dog lover, and worship leader. I love long strolls through Target with an iced caramel macchiato in hand, and new books are my love language. I've been accused of being a Chick-fil-A addict, but so far, no one has staged an intervention on my behalf.

However you found yourself on this page, I'm glad you're here! I hope you'll always feel safe in this space. At my core, I believe we were created to glorify God + enjoy Him forever. It's my aim to encourage other mamas to be "rooted and built up in [Christ Jesus] and established in the faith, just as [we] were taught, abounding in thanksgiving" (Colossians 2:6-7). But hey, I'm deep in the trenches of motherhood too! I don't know much other than my desperate need for Christ. All of this is evidence of his grace.

Lord, may you receive all glory through my words + my life. This is for you.


So, the hottie in black is my husband, Jordan. We've been married for five years. He's a worship pastor, and yes, he does serenade me occasionally. He's also a better cook than I am, and he keeps all of the plants alive. I like him lots.

The cutie girl with the stick in her hand is Ada, our two-year-old. Real talk, she's everyone's favorite Setterlind, and I can't blame them. I want to be as funny, cool, smart, and beautiful as her when I grow up.

The miniature squish is our baby boy, Knox. He's new here, but I can tell you he really loves milk. If anyone knows where I can find a "Help! I want to eat my baby!" support group, I'd welcome the referral. I mean, cmon. That face!

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